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A few of our testimonials

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Marco Consani, Ultra Runner –No upset stomach and second place along with a PB at Lakeland 100 so another massive thumbs up for Mountain Fuel.


Chris Stirling, Triathlete and Mountain Runner – “I love Mountain Fuel, particularly when I use the whole system on race days. I’ve finished the season strong with a win at the Ben Nevis Triathlon where I was able to push hard on the bike and then smash the run.”


Trudy Beetham, RunnerI had the benefit of using the Mountain Fuel system in training and on the day of the London Marathon. After a rubbish nights’ sleep on Fri and a day of tackling London (registration and sightseeing) on Saturday, I was feeling pretty tired. Not ideal race day preparation so I had Night Fuel, Sat night before bed and woke up feeling refreshed, tired legs banished. Then Morning Fuel with porridge for brekkie and then Extreme Fuel on the way to the race. I felt good in the race but had a few shot blocks towards the end but these just made me feel a bit sickly to be honest. Post race I had the choc Recovery Fuel and was ready to tackle the journey home, with stairs and everything!! I think the fuel definitely helped me to get through the race in good shape, with no wall hitting going on. New pb 3.44, but saved my fastest 2 miles for miles 24 & 25 storming down the Embankment passing loads of people, I was feeling really chuffed (still some Fuel in the bank?)..I obviously didn’t run the rest fast enough!


Simon Howard, Ultra Runner –Used it for 1st time on a 12 hour event in June. Used again on L50 and still felt strong at end. Had the morning one as porridge, drank one on way to Dalemain and just kept topping water up with Mountain Fuel. Also ate plenty of real food but feel I’ve found answer to previous nutrition problems where I’ve run out of energy on ultras.


Brian Holden, Ultra Runner –I did the same but only used the energy powder as the others ain’t vegan. 2 hrs 10 knocked off my previous time and felt strong at the end. All I need now is somebody to fill my bottle with the stuff ever hour and it’s perfect:)


Steve Handy, Ultra Runner –I have to echo what has already been said, i tried it for the first time as well and had no issues at all, other than the sweetness of the drink, i may just need to dilute it more though. I had a very successful run and felt good all the way round. I’m sold, thanks again.


Nick Twigg, Ultra Runner –Coincidentally I followed exactly the same plan and it also worked brilliantly, what a contrast to last year when a poor plan had me on my knees half way up Gatesgarth. Great product and really helpful guys when my pre-race shipment failed to show. My go to fuel from now on.


David Byrne, Ultra Runner – “Followed pretty much the same plan. A sachet of MF energy in water at every CP with odd sip of soup, tea and a bit of mint cake. No stomach issues and felt great in the latter parts of the race.


Stuart Percival, Ultra Runner – “Hi guys just a quick thank you! Tony Holland introduced me to MF just before last years L100. I used it sparingly as I wasn’t quite sure if it would suit me. However after 12 months of using it on every big run I used it as my main source of fuel in this years L100. I started with the morning fuel before the start & had 40g of energy fuel between each CP then finished off with recovery fuel on the finish line. It worked perfectly for me and helped me to knock 9:43hrs off my PB so well chuffed. Cheers Stu”


Andrew Slattery, Fell and Ultra Runner“I’d tried Mountain Fuel blackcurrant energy drink in a few long training runs and liked it. It doesn’t taste sickly or too sweet and miraculously doesn’t get sticky when you inevitably spill it everywhere when refilling. I decided to use this throughout the Fellsman (61 miles and 11,000ft ascent) rather than water & gels and hoped it would give me much needed fuel but also keep the cramp at bay. I’m still buzzing to be honest, really pleased with finishing as 1st VET and 6th overall. The overall nutrition strategy had worked really well with no cramp and no stomach problems whatsoever. The Mountain Fuel was fantastic and the fact I could still drink it after 12hrs shows how easy it is to use.”


Ed Parker ( CEO and Co Founder of Walking With The Wounded )“Many thanks, as always, to Mountain Fuel for ‘running with me’ yesterday on the London Marathon. I fuelled up with the Morning Fuel at breakfast and then had a Blackcurrant Energy fuel just before the start. It genuinely helps. This year I managed to get these old bones around in 4.27, 14 minutes faster than last year. My next challenge for Walking With The Wounded is a three day stage race in November covering 85 miles. I wouldn’t even begin to think of doing the training or the race without Mountain Fuel to support me. Thanks to Darren and all the team.”


Tim Millen, Climber“Fantastic weekend in Scotland on the Ben. After two hard and long days on the ice I woke up on the third morning at 5 ready to go and was gutted that my climbing partners (who weren’t using Mountain Fuel) were too tired. My climbing partners will now start using Mountain Fuel!”


Lee Pickering, Team Muddy Kit OCR & Runner“Today’s been another fantastic day, 1st place at Iron Run on a really challenging course. Lots of tough hills, mud, obstacles, a swim and an epic water slide. Thanks to Mountain fuel for their awesome products which helped me keep my energy levels right to the end.”


Ian Turnbull, Triathlete“I just kept going and going, leaving everyone behind as the ride went on.  It was like a Duracell advert!”


Gemma Bloomfield, Team Muddy Kit OCR & Runner – “Loved Mountain Fuel this weekend, came 2nd in the 12k at Ram Run on Saturday and then topped the podium with a 1st place in the 24k on Sunday! Followed this up with a team win at Endure 24 the following weekend”


Lee Newton, Fell Runner “Got a PB today 3 Peaks race (37.4k 5279ft ascent), felt good all the way, used the full system in preparation and during the race.”


Michael Wilkins, Runner and OCR enthusiast“My kit list is forever evolving but somethings I won’t change, I won’t race without my Inov8 footwear or Zeropoint calf guards.  Now I’ve found something that seems to work for me in the field of nutrition, it’s just one less thing to worry about.

I’m by no means an expert in the field of running or nutrition but I know what I like and like stuff that works for me.  I’m an ordinary family man that trains when I can in between being a dad and working shifts and races when I can afford it.  Whatever sport you do, give Mountain Fuel a go and see if it works for you.”


Mark Lamb, Runner & Footballer“I got a PB tonight in my first 10k race after taking Mountain Fuel, felt so bouncy. Next up was a cup final with football which we won and I felt great, all I can think of was it must have been the Mountain Fuel.”


David Ray, Runner, Triathlete & Iron Man – “Had a top day in Keswick running in my first half marathon. Finished in 7th place with a time of 1hr 23mins. No doubt at all that mountain fuel helped me smash my 1hr 30min target. Thanks to all the local support and the mountain fuel team.”


Jonny Hulme, TriathleteTastes great, easy on my stomach and keeps me going on my fell runs and long bike rides where usually I’d be getting hungry and feeling I need more energy. They’ve also helped me to get PB’s in my last two Tri’s 🙂


Dave Troman, Ultra Runner“The most important part of my preparation for this race (Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc) was getting my head around the fact that I could get most of my race energy from the Xtreme Energy Fuel. Prior to this, I felt that I needed to throw in gels to get me round my ultra races. I had a particularly bad experience earlier in the year and can trace the problems back to too much gel use. This time I was confident in my nutrition and happy that the Mountain Fuel products would get me round in good shape.”


Paul Maxwell, Runner “This is the first recovery product I’ve tried that not only tastes amazing but actually works whatever intensity of activity I have done. No more sore legs the next day which is important as when I’m not training I’m on call as a fireman so need to be ready for action!”

1543194_10151764578981504_549983202_nDonna Bullock, Ultra Runner – “This is me at the end of my first Ultra, 50 miles along the Thames Path with Mountain Fuel in my vest to keep me going :-)”







1598436_654581207916860_460287519_nSharon Newell – Runner – “This is me at Brecon 10 miler, oh yes, and I love Mountain Fuel..!”







Christine Vorres – RunnerHere I am in my Pontypool & District Runners vest in sunny Palma. On a very hot day Mountain Fuel helped get me round, I love it.”











Alan Coles – Hill Walker, photographer – On the summit of Pen-y-Fan, Wales. I hadn’t walked it for about 3 years but decided to take my time and give it a go with my full camera kit on, which feels like a fully laden Bergen these days. I plodded up there in the dark for a sunrise. Love my Mountain Fuel which helps me get to where I need to be while keeping me sharp and fresh so I can take a great picture.”



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