About Mountain Fuel

Mountain Fuel ® is a Multi Sport System that is nutritionally balanced to ensure your body is fuelled for maximum performance. What ever your sport or activity Mountain Fuel powers you to achieve your goals.

Originally we were the first company to exclusively specialise in the formulation and development of nutritionally balanced supplements targeted at individuals and teams involved in extreme & endurance sport. With nearly two years of intensive research and field trials, Mountain Fuel ® was developed. In that time the Mountain Fuel System has been tested in some of the worlds most extreme environments.

The team at Mountain Fuel™ identified the weakness in the market and developed, in collaboration with nutritional consultants, a range of products for the individuals who subject themselves to conditions way beyond the physical and psychological demands of many other sports.

The team at Mountain Fuel™ guarantees the finest quality in Extreme & Endurance Sport Supplements.

Our nutritionally loaded supplements, which have been under nearly two years of Intensive Research and Field Trials have been tested in every condition conceivable. To ensure Mountain Fuel could deliver performance across all activities we teamed up with some amazing individuals and teams from the UK. Our adventures and athletes include the inspirational North and South Pole ‘Walking with the Wounded’ teams along with their patron HRH Prince Harry, Adam Harmer who kayaked 1000 miles to win the Yukon 1000.

Mountain Fuel has been tested by individuals in almost every activity;

  • Polar Explorers
  • Mountaineers
  • Kayakers
  • Ultra Runners
  • Athletes
  • Mountain Rescue
  • H M Forces Service Personnel worldwide
  • Mountain bikers
  • Road Cyclists
  • Triathletes
  • Cross Fit / Fitness enthusiasts
  • Swimmers
  • Boxers / Martial artists
  • Trekkers / Hikers… just to name but a few.

Feedback from those who collaborated in the trials was 100% positive. The individuals involved said that ‘The Mountain Fuel™ Supplements are able to totally sustain the body’s nutritional requirements whether they were training or on expedition / competing.

Our favorite quote to date is one of our cyclists who compared taking Mountain Fuel to being on Duracell batteries… he said, “I just kept going and going, leaving everyone behind as the ride went on.  It was like a Duracell advert!” When asked by his mates if he’d taken anything he put it down to ‘secret training’ and told us were not allowed to sell Mountain Fuel to anyone he rides with!