Our packaging is now recyclable

Recently Tesco have announced that they will recycle soft plastics including metalised laminates like crisp packets. This means that all of Mountain Fuel’s packaging, including our gel, sachet wrappers and bulk pouches, can be taken to one of Tesco’s drop-off points where it will be sent to a recycling plant to undergo a process called…

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Chasing a sub X marathon time

Chester Marathon Ash Holbrook

We get a lot of feedback from runners but this email has great value to runners who are looking to break their chosen time barrier. Training and kit can get you to the start line but unless you find your ‘sweet spot’ of fuelling you may not get the opportunity to see how fast you…

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Mountain Fuel v Tailwind

We often get asked this question. Mountain Fuel V Tailwind is fairly straightforward. MF and TW both contain carbohydrates and electrolytes, although the balance of these is slightly different. However the fundamental difference is the addition of vitamins in MF which is essential for energy reproduction and also replenishing your immune system on the go.…

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Dragons Back Everest Roaming ride

Dragons Back Roaming

Congratulations to Alan Colville who took himself out for a little pedal around Wales and set a new Everest Roaming route … After this ride Alan said: First unsupported ride that I route planned myself. Mistakes made and so many lessons learned, but after missing a key fuel stop in Dolgellau, I only have three of…

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Emma Stuart 1st lady Montane Cheviot Goat

1st Prize Montane Cheviot Goat

Congratulations to Emma Stuart with lady at the tough Montane Cheviot Goat Emma said after the race: Wow! What a race! After three postponements due to COVID and Storm Arwen, the Cheviot Goat finally went ahead, albeit in less than winter conditions… The pace for the first 30 miles was relentless as I battled to…

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Cal Major completes SUP paddle around Scotland

Congratulations to Cal Major – Ocean Advocate (paddle boarding) and James Appleton Photography (kayaking) having completed their epic challenge around the Scottish coast. She visited islands and explored the incredible underwater world by scuba and free diving, delving into the importance of these precious ecosystems which support everything from worms to whales. Cal engaged with the communities…

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Lakeland 50 & 100 podiums

Congratulations to Runar Saether winning the Lakeland 50 in a time of 7hrs 41mins. Runar said, “Loved the finish into Coniston, great atmosphere! Also loving the raspberry chia gels.” And Marcis Gubats coming in home in 2nd place in the Lakeland 100.

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George Foster wins the Team GB selection Trial race

George Foster completed a convincing win at the Lakeland Trails 100k which was the Team GB trial race the upcoming 80km World Champs in Thailand. Alongside George representing Team GB is fellow MF customers Beth Pascal who recently won the Western States.

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1st place Montane Summer Spine Sprint

Show us your finish pics from the weekend, or even just your favourite pics. Congratulations to Niki Worrall (@niki_that_goes_up ), the first-ever finisher of the Montane Summer Spine Sprint. He has completed the course in 7:31:22 and looked almost as fresh at the end as the beginning. #MountainFuel #FeelGoodFuel #SportsNutrition

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