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Billy Bland Challenge Record Breaking Attempt

On Sunday 25th June, Team Mountain Fuel aim to make history with the first fun competitive head-to-head race involving the Billy Bland Challenge. Two mixed teams of men, women including vets and open runners will race against each other in an attempt to beat the mixed team record of 16hrs 49 minutes with aspirations of … continue reading »


Sports Nutrition and Protein

‘The Power of the Building Block Similar to carbohydrates, the protein debate has been rolling on for what seems like a life-time! With regards to type, source, quantity, and the timing of consumption, athletes, coaches, and academics alike have been, and still are attempting to underline what’s right, and what’s not so right with regards … continue reading »


Sports Nutrition and Micronutrients

‘Tiny but mighty’   The diet of human beings needs to consist of both macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat), and micronutrients (vitamins & minerals). As macronutrients make up the larger portion ratios of our food consumption, do not be misguided in to believing that because of their name that micronutrients are less important than their … continue reading »


Sports Nutrition and Fat

For many years now, the talk of fat, or the consumption of fat, always seems to come with a negative connotation, or a confusing, misunderstood message, especially because of their higher concentration of 9kcals/gram, compared to their macronutrient counterparts which only contain 4kcals/gram. However, researchers have now concluded the importance of consuming fats in our … continue reading »