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Marathon Nutrition

To ensure your marathon training goes to plan don’t overlook how you look after your body and your system before your big marathon race. Running, strength training, core work and stretching can be many of the components to achieving your marathon race day goals but all this can be wasted if your marathon training nutrition…

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Triathlon: From Olympic to Ironman

  Typically seen as one of the most gruelling single-day sporting events in modern day endurance sport, Ironman® triathlons are growing immensely in popularity with athletes from all over the world, and of all physical abilities taking part. Consisting of three-phases like all triathlons, the Ironman® distances of a 3.9km (2.4 mile) swim, followed by…

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How to train and prepare for a Sprint Triathlon

The sport of triathlon has exploded in to the world of endurance sports over the last decade or so, and has made a huge impact on British sporting culture due to the dominating success of athletes such as the Brownlee Brothers, Helen Jenkins, and of course a little closer to home, our own Mountain Fuel…

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Running an Ultra Marathon

  Endurance athletes of all abilities tackle such events for all kinds of reasons, through some of the most extreme and hostile environments on the planet. There are many event organisers who consider, and advertise themselves as the ‘toughest’ ultra-marathon in the world, yet they are all so varied that it’s impossible to label such…

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Performing and running in heat

  Throughout all our running careers I’m sure that we have all over-cooked things from time-to-time, especially during a hot summers day, I know I have! Feelings of fatigue, dizziness, nausea, decrease and/or an increase in appetite, dehydration, muscle cramps, uncontrollable shivering; these are all symptoms of heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke, and are a…

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Marathon Nutrition Guide

  With the longest day of the year past, and those classic Spring marathons behind us, I guess we can now begin to think on switching our training to those lovely Autumn races, the nights slowly pulling us back in, and the horrific thought of “did I clean my fell-shoes after last year’s final winter…

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