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Ultra Running pre-race build up

I recently completed the Hardmoors 55 as part of my training programme for the Lakeland 100 and the following is an insight into my on-going attempts to improve my hydration and nutrition strategy. What ever your discipline and distance I think there are interesting points you could apply to your own hydration and nutrition strategy … continue reading »


Hardmoors 55 Race Nutrition Report

When planning my race strategy, my starting point was the checkpoints where we were allowed drop bags. This is important for a couple of reasons; firstly, it means I can reduce the amount of personal nutrition that I have to carry for the race and secondly, it means that I can have access to my … continue reading »

Paul Jeffrey Obstacle Course racer

Paul Jeffrey – Obstacle Course Racer and Trail Runner

From the sofa to compulsive racer. About me…. My first thought would be that you are not really concerned about my little life, what I get up to or any opinion I may have, but I’m guessing you’re just like me looking to improve at the sport you do and become better than the person … continue reading »

How I plan my Ultra Running training – Dave Troman

There are many different ways to go about this and these are simply my own thoughts on this subject and give a little insight into how I go about my planning process. My basic training is split into easy, medium and hard weeks which I shuffle around to give a blend of quality training and … continue reading »


Ultra Running personal nutrition tips – Dave Troman

Basics As a distance runner I like to maintain a light weight frame while maintaining lean muscle, I also want to eat a healthy and balanced diet to ensure that I can still enjoy running into my retirement and not just for the next few years! I can’t tell anyone how much to eat or … continue reading »