Don’t let training ruin your run

I’ve literally just had a message from a runner who said they were training for their first and last marathon, they were suffering and struggling with the added mileage, feeling sick on longer runs and clearly not enjoying the journey. They even said someone had told them they don’t have ‘running legs’…

To me, running is fun. Yes, it can be hard, you can push your body, your mind, it can be painful, but should it be something you don’t enjoy?


Listen folks, unless you’re aiming to win a race that has a huge cash prize, an olympic or world medal, it really is just a fun run…

If you hate your training, dread the mileage and are struggling for motivation, change it up.

Just go out and run for fun, run to clear your mind, run to have a crack with mates, run to escape from the grind. Just run…

Or maybe switch a run day and add in some other form of exercise/class or activity to keep you fit.

Life is about doing stuff we enjoy. If you enjoy it the results can be better… I’m not saying you’ll always nail a PB, but you’ll probably look back on a run in a positive way, whatever your position or time.

In reality, a result in a race is a mix of running ability, fitness, nutrition but you also add in a huge dose of mental fortitude and approach.

Some folk, push beyond their limits, will not give in, strain every sinew and collapse over the line exhausted and dribbling… they are the few.

For the majority of us, we just don’t want to go into that pain cave, yes we want to push, but there’s a switch in our heads that just holds us back that bit.

Accept the runner you are, enjoy the journey and keep on moving forward, one step at a time…

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Happy fuelling