Q: Why are Mountain Fuel™ products any different?

A: Our products are naturally balanced nutritional supplements which have been engineered to deliver energy and recovery. Mountain Fuel powers individuals and teams involved across a wide variety of activities. Whether you are doing exercise for fun, fitness, as an amateur, a professional, into extreme and or endurance sports; Mountain Fuel has a proven track record that delivers results.

Q: How were the products trialled?
A: With nearly two years of intensive research the products were field trialled by extraordinary individuals & teams across a wide range of activities and in some of the worlds most extreme environments..

Q: What guarantees can you give to the consumer?
A: We are totally committed to product excellence, therefore, our products contain the Highest Grade Raw Materials.

Q: What about Quality Control?
A: All products are backed up by Certificates of Conformity, which provides us with a complete paper trail to each batch produced.

Q: Have you compromised on taste?
A: No. All our products taste delicious.

Q: Are any of the Active Ingredients in the Mountain Fuel™ products on the IOC banned substance list.
A: No.

Q: How do I work out the serving size?
A: You don’t have to. Each sachet provides the correct amount of active ingredient and each sachet provides the correct serving.

Q: How do I buy Mountain Fuel?
A: It’s very straight forward. Click HERE or select ‘Shop’ from the menu above.