Feedback doesn't get much better than this!

Lakes In A DayMessage from Hisayo Kawahara (Lakes in a Day finisher 2016):

Lakes in a Day – what a day that was!

I just have a few photos and a story to share.

I was very busy and stressed at work in the week leading up to the race, and I quite foolishly only realised that I DID NOT pack any food in the rucksack when I arrived at the registration. The thought of doing a 50-mile hard mountain event without any food with me was quite something. I went to the guy selling the magic powder (aka Mountain Fuel) and said I have no food with me and how many sachets do I need to stay alive for this event…. So I got 8 sachets with various flavours and a bottle for a discounted price and told myself that this is gonna be okay.

Lakes In A DayThen, in the next morning at the start line, the same guy from Mountain Fuel turned up in front of me and said he brought me some food. He was very glad to have found me, otherwise he can’t sleep with the thought that someone’s going up to Helvellyn etc without any real food. So, in addition to 8 sachets of Mountain Fuel, I got half dozen of energy bars and balls to nibble, and my race nutrition was sorted only 10 minutes before the start.

Hopefully I don’t make the same mistake again, but, there are some real kind souls in this sports. And I guess this is what brings so many people to the trail running.

Thank you so much James Thurlow and the event staff at Open Adventure for another top event, and I also have to say that Mountain Fuel really works and everyone should buy!!”