Fueling for your Tri

Its important to think about fueling your body well in advance of race day. Here are some guidelines explaining the best way to use the Mountain Fuel system before, during and following a triathlon…

The day before race day: Sip an Xtreme Energy – this ensures that the body’s glycogen stores, vitamins and minerals remain fully topped up.

The night before: Enjoy a Night Fuel the night before. This ensures your body has the best mix of amino acids and minerals, helping to set you up for the next days racing.

Race morning: Use Morning Fuel either on it’s own or with a little porridge and or a banana. Sip an Xtreme Energy before the race as early as possible, the longer before the race the better, to allow your body to absorb. These will provide your body with an easily digestible fuel for the event itself, being easy on the stomach.

During the race: For the bike, mix several (three to four) Xtreme Energy fuels into a 750 ml bottle and keep the other as water and alternate the sips on the bike and then you just have to quickly refill your water at feed stations without the need to open and mix sachets. Just take small sips of fuel though at a time as it will be strong… If you feel you can’t do this mix, use one to two Xtreme Energy in a bottle and then refill your bottle with another two at an aid station.

Also look at making some of our Power Pancakes and/or Energy Rice Balls for the ride too; these are fantastic and will slow release energy helping to keep you fueled on the run too. If time is precious you could buy cold pressed bars that are moist and oat/fruit based.

At the transition between cycle and run look to have a Recovery shake made up with about 150 to 200ml of water… this will help replenish your muscles for the run and aid recovery post event.

For the run, if using a hydration belt, have a bottle of energy mix made up, with one to two of Xtreme Energy in (depending on your strategy and whether you want to stop and refill bottles)… You can sip this every now and then and grab fresh water too at the feed stations. If you pick up anything at the feed stations just be conscious that the sugary stuff will have your blood roller-coasting… fine as a last resort to ‘get you home’ if you really have no other option but ideally fresh fruit etc is best, even if it’s just a mouthful (the receptors in your gums will tell your brain you are fueling and this can help trick the body… this is not a long term strategy but can help get you home ☺).

After the race: Have a Recovery made up with about 250 to 400ml of milk or water and replenish your muscles.

What other triathletes have said about using Mountain Fuel…

“Raced Buttermere Triathlon this morning, used the whole system, it’s brilliant like rocket fuel!!  Sarah loves it too and the Extreme energy is superb in a triathlon… Recovery worked a treat and been out on the bike today with the legs feeling better than they usually would after a race so a massive thumbs up.”
Rob Green, British Triathlon Level 3 Coach and co-founder of www.triathlonhideaway.com

“I decided to give the Mountain Fuel system a go at my pre champs ‘test’ race – Clumber duathlon – a qualifying event for this year’s world champs and next years euros. I was thrilled to bits! No stomach cramps, bags of energy and as an added bonus, no sticky stuff smeared across my face, dribbled down my front and snail trails down my legs from where I’d stuffed the gel wrappers up my shorts! Brilliant!!! I also managed to bag first place in my category (old birds) and second lady overall, so providing nothing goes ‘snap’ I appear to be on track for my target races.”
Kate Morris, GB Age Category Duathlete

“I feel I am constantly learning from my race experiences and now prepare myself so much better for each event. Especially with regards to fuel and hydration before and after both training and racing. I have been using the Mountain Fuel products so far this race season with great effect and have found they help not only in my race performance but have massively improved my ability to recover.”
Steven Gregory, GB Age Category Triathlete