Get more out of your legs

Callum Hughes, a British Triathlon Level 2 Coach has given some pointers to get the most out of your legs when transitioning between the cycle and run during a triathlon…

As it’s coming to the end of the triathlon season and the last races are to be seen out, why not try out a different session to get more out of your legs…

This is my brick session that works no matter what distance you are racing. Aim to do this 4-5 days before your race. The main aim of the session is to get your legs used to running fast off the bike. This is also a good time to trial your fuel under effort prior to a race:

Warm up with 15 minutes on the bike building up to race pace for the last 30 seconds

Ride 4 x 2 minutes sessions above race pace with 30 seconds rest between each

Hop off the bike and run 4 x 2 minutes sessions, at 15 seconds per mile faster than race pace (instead of race pace you can always use your last tri run split) with 30 seconds rest between each

Get back on the bike and spin easy for another two minutes before repeating the combined bike-run session between three and five times.

Once you have finished the session get back on the bike to warm down and drink your Recovery shake at the same time.

Note: If you try to hold a pace faster than race pace you won’t go off like a gun during the event. This session allows your body to adapt to running off the bike much easier if the bike-run is repeated several times. Still aim to negative split your run as we all know this is a sure way to get a faster run split.