How to use our system

Mountain Fuel is a total Sports Nutrition system designed to provide the body with the nutrition and energy to cope with any type of intense physical activity. There is no need to load up on gels, electrolytes or protein powders as Mountain Fuel provides both sustained energy and recovery whilst providing the vitamins, amino acids and minerals your body needs to perform at its best; meaning you save money as well as taking the guesswork out of your fueling needs. You may of course pick any element of the system to be used individually as you choose.

Typically if you chose to utilise the whole system you would;

1. Mix up a Night Fuel the night before your event with hot milk or water, slowly drinking/sipping it during the evening to allow your body the optimum time to benefit. Just because you’re asleep does not mean you can’t prepare for your next training session or event! Night Fuel is designed for you to get up the next morning knowing that your body has been treated to a night of recovery and preparation.

2. Though named Morning Fuel this product can be utilised as a pre-event meal or shake at any time of the day! It has been designed to provide nutritional balance, be light on the stomach and be quickly absorbed. Depending on your event you could add seeds, fresh/dried fruit and even a small handful of oats if that takes your fancy. However bear in mind you want to start your event primed and ready to go and not with your stomach still working overtime breaking down those extras.

3. To get the most benefit from our most popular product start sipping, swilling and swallowing your Blackcurrant or Tropical *Xtreme Energy Fuel anything up to four hours but no shorter than half an hour in advance of your activity / event. Maximum benefit is obtained from drinking early as the slower you sip feed your fuel into your system the more time the body has to absorb it and maximise performance. Some of our users, if they have had a hard week or are particularly keen on really pushing themselves will also sip, swill and swallow an Xtreme Energy the day before an event too, ensuring their system is alert, primed and ready. Xtreme Energy Fuel gives you a sustained energy release, is easy on the stomach, tastes great and is ideal for hard and fast anaerobic, cardio workouts or equally endurance events. You put the effort in and we’ll power you along. If you want an alternative to gels have a look at our ‘On the Go Fuel‘ recipe which utilises your Xtreme Energy Fuel. An Xtreme Energy Fuel will fuel you for 1 to 2 hours depending on intensity.

4. Prepare your Ultimate Recovery Fuel with milk, water or an alternative and put it in a cool bag if you are using fresh milk as ideally you want to start sipping it within 20 minutes of finishing your event. However no matter how good it tastes to get the maximum benefit DO NOT drink it too quickly, as it is the same principle as Xtreme Energy, savour the drink and your body will have more time to absorb it. Ultimate Recovery Fuel is a drink you want to exercise for! It tastes phenomenal and does what it says, there is no better Recovery product on the market. Ultimate Recovery Fuel is also utilised by our ultra runners and iron man athletes mid race and taken with water to help replenish their muscles and offset DOMS.

Additionally have a look at our recipes for Morning Fuel Power Pancakes which are perfect for getting you going or while ‘on the go’ try Morning Fuel Banana Flapjacks or our ‘Home Made Gel‘ which you can use instead of gels!

*A sachet of Xtreme Energy Fuel can fuel you for 1 to 2 hours depending on intensity so any time after this we would suggest either carrying some additional energy fuel or making ‘Home Made Gel‘ or Power Pancakes.