Marathon Nutrition

To ensure your marathon training goes to plan don’t overlook how you look after your body and your system before your big marathon race. Running, strength training, core work and stretching can be many of the components to achieving your marathon race day goals but all this can be wasted if your marathon training nutrition isn’t on point.

Marathon Nutrition Plan

The beauty of Mountain Fuel’s easy to use system is that it makes following a marathon nutrition plan effortless and ensures that your muscles and system is replenished to help you achieve your goals, whether that be a new PB, a specific time or just to complete it in once piece. By using Mountain Fuel your marathon nutrition plan is straight forward as you could simply do the following;

Marathon Race Day

Night before the race:
Sip a Night Fuel which replenishes your muscles while you are in your most restorative state.

Enjoy an oat based Morning Fuel, banana and seeds make a great topping too before your marathon race. This power packed breakfast is light on your stomach and will ensure a sustained energy release to help power you through those early miles.
Sip an energy fuel with breakfast or on the way to the event, ideally your last drink should be 1 to 1 1/2 hours prior to running.

During the run:
You have options here and it depends on whether you are doing a road marathon or trail marathon.

For a road marathons where you aim to complete in up to 3 hours  carry up to three Mountain Fuel Sports Jelly, these are a fantastic alternative to gels as they are refreshing and provide a sustained energy release rather than a spike of energy that comes and goes as quickly. You can then use the odd water station for hydration. For 3 hours plus take your Mountain Fuel Sports Jelly with you for convenience but you may also want to consider carrying a hand held bottle or one in a race vest of Mountain Fuel energy as this will not only help to replenish energy stores but also electrolytes and vitamins.

For trail marathons you can typically adopt the 3 hour plus strategy of the road marathons especially as there is often a minimum kit requirement that means you will be wearing a race vest which makes carrying your drinks much easier.

Take a look at our Mountain Fuel trial packs which are perfect starting points for your marathon training and race day.