Montagna Mountain Fuelled Madness

Rob Sinclair Trail Runner
By Rob Sinclair (Salomon Running)
The idea of this review for the blog is too tell you a little bit about how I use mountain fuel during training. But first I will attempt to ‘set the scene’ for the journey…
When you love running, a holiday battering yourself in high mountains, panting and sweating heavily beside your equally salt spiced friend, and eating meat and patatas all night long with grappa and aniseed bread, is just what the doctor ordered.
For one week this is exactly what me and a pal Stephano Lorini did. The location – Italy. And mountains – Dolomites and more. The trip took shape earlier in the year when random chat turned into a training week to be topped off with any local skyracing we arrived at. After the first day in the mountains, hungry for climb and smashing downhills, beautiful views, techy terrain, snowy peaks and the urge to go big on climb every day was we decided mixing in a local race in Lecco up Resegup +1900m in 24k would just add to the fun. Consequently that finished in me being on the start line at the end of the training week, the bits and bobs of me that were left and hammering it out, and stephano supporting with friends due to some niggles. Great times!
Trail RunWhat a cracking week though – and what a way too see the beauty of the dolomites! A little too snowy for the super high 3000m+ peaks due to a hefty dumping but mountain fuellers assemble and get out there the mountains are calling.
The mantra of each day was simple: have fun and go big as you like! Anyone who has been to Italy knows you are fed well on a great mix of foods, so we stocked up on breakfast and spent all day in the hills and on the road, before refuelling at night with several courses. The Limone Skyrace Extreme route was a highlight and is a skyrace held in Limone every October near Lake Garda. Completing almost all of the route before toeing the line the next day was a solid training combo, and one that really sticks out for me in the benefits of using mountain fuel all week.
Lemon and Lime Sports JellyCola with caffeine Sports Jelly
Running for several hours, especially in 33degs and to get up the next day and have the legs to run hard is attributed to a solid recovery routine. Good food macros, stretching and sleeping are obviously the core staples but drinking an MF Recovery sachet within 1-2hrs of finishing a big day on the hills got the muscles feeling good for the next day. Back in 2018 when Casper and I tackled the trans-Alp together this was an essential part of post stage recovery. Run, recover, eat, sleep and repeat. Coupled with the fact they taste so good, it really kick starts the recovery before topping up on a well earned scran. On double days or during bigger training blocks you could also use twice if you don’t have access to minimal food supplies or the night fuel, and consider mixing with milk/alternatives for a more filling slow release.
The new Sports Jellies for me I find work really well in the heat and depending on the intensity absorb within 5-10mins to the tank. For racing around 1 every 45mins if really hot and going hard, and for training 1 every 1.5hrs in between getting some solids in from FeelGoodBars or nibbles, just to balance the sugars. Nibbling away on the newer MF ginger FeelGoodBars and the orange and turmeric are perfect in the mix for this. They are nice and gooey so don’t leave your mouth all dry, with these ingredients being a lot softer on the gut for digestion. Depending on your race distance or tolerance then then switching from the lime or orange to caffeine jellies may also give you a wee boost in closing hour or two of a big day or race.

I am a firm beleiver of clean and proper eating with any guilty pleasures thrown in the mix when you feel like it! At the end of the day you have to find what works for you by getting out there and experimenting, where adding in Mountain fuel can really compliment a solid and varied diet and help you get the most out of your training. ”L’Italia è pazza” – Italy is crazy – get on it!!