Mountain Fuel v Tailwind

We often get asked this question. Mountain Fuel V Tailwind is fairly straightforward.
MF and TW both contain carbohydrates and electrolytes, although the balance of these is slightly different. However the fundamental difference is the addition of vitamins in MF which is essential for energy reproduction and also replenishing your immune system on the go. We also include creatine to aid water retention in the muscles. And in addition to this include an amino acid blend (protein) to help slow the release of the energy and also aid muscle replenishment on the go.
We also have a complete system from Night time, morning, sport jellies, bars and recovery drinks – but for me the clincher… we’re a British brand, all products produced in the UK… Tailwind is a US import, do we need to say anymore about carbon footprint, supporting British business… SHOP NOW
And if that’s not enough, here’s what a customer said, “I would like to thank you to Jacob Snochowski for introducing me to Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition! it was absolutely new history in my running experience, after using Tailwind and Gu gels I was usually struggling with stomach after 50mile races.

Now I can do 100mile without any problem on Super high-quality Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition, thank you, for help to finish Centurion Running NDW100 and TP100 under 24hr. Hopefully, another 2 races A100 and SDW100 go well!” Andrzej Gasiorowski