Mountain Fuel Winter Billy Bland – The Teams

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The teams:

Who's going to win? Each team is an eclectic mix of runners of all abilities including world champions, England & Team GB representatives for Mountain Running along with English and British fell running medalists and champs. The team captains are two of the best known in their fields with Ben Mounsey and Ricky Lightfoot heading up Mounsey's Marauders  & Lightfoot's Legends respectively. It's going to be an epic challenge and could literally come down to a sprint finish up the steps of the Moot Hall in Keswick. Take a look a look at the teams and if you want a chance of winning from our fantastic prize pool then please make a donation.

The teams Mounsey's Marauders  v Lightfoot's Legends

Leg 1 Distance: 12.5 miles, Ascent: c.5150ft, Fells/Mountains: 3
Billy's time: 2hr 16 mins  Kilian's time: 2hr 07 mins Target time: 2 hr 40 mins (Good conditions)  3 hr 05 mins (Snow/Ice conditions)

Sophie Noon/Mark Likeman v Kirsty Hall/Paul Haigh

Leg 2 Distance: 13.2 miles, Ascent: c.5900ft, Fells/Mountains: 12
Billy's time: 2hr 44 mins  Kilian's time: 2hr 31 mins Target Time: 2 hrs 25 mins (Good conditions)  2 hr 55 mins (Snow/Ice conditions)

Ben Mounsey/Joe Baxter v Carl Bell/Brennan Townshend

Leg 3: Distance: 15.2 miles, Ascent: c.6500ft, Fells/Mountains: 15
Billy's time: 3hr 45 mins  Kilian's time: 3hr 31 mins Target time: 3 hr 35 mins (Good conditions)  4 hr 20 mins (Snow/Ice conditions) 

Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn/Nichola Jackson v Carl Bell/Brennan Townshend

Leg 4: Distance: 10 miles, Ascent: c.6300ft,  Fells/Mountains: 9
Billy's time: 3hr 20 mins  Kilian's time: 2hr 56 mins Target time: 2 hr 30mins (Good conditions)  3 hr 05 mins (Snow/Ice conditions) 

James Appleton/Mark Lamb v Ricky Lightfoot/Rob Sinclair

Leg 5: Distance: 10.6 miles, Ascent: c.2500ft, Fells/Mountains: 3
Billy's time: 1hr 53 mins  Kilian's time: 1hr 46 mins Target time: 1 hr 30mins (Good conditions)  1 hr 45 mins (Snow/Ice conditions) 

Jacob Snochowski/Martin Howard v Tom Durcan/Michael Lesniak

Billy's Record: 13 hr 53 mins Kilian's Record: 12:52 Team target: 12:40

Picked your team? Now go and make a donation to be in with a chance of winning from our fantastic prize pool.