Dave Troman

Ultra Runner

Ultra Runner

A bit about me:
I have been running competitively for 30 years across a number of disciplines; a junior and senior GB International Orienteer to present day as an Ultra Runner who regularly finishes in the top 10 of the countries toughest 100 mile trail races. I have also just attained a top 200 finish in, arguably, the world’s premier 100 mile trail race, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

What I’ve learned?
I have learned in recent years the importance that nutrition plays in my training and race planning. Much of this understanding has come about in the last year with the help and guidance from the team at Mountain Fuel. Despite selling supplements they encourage a sensible and balanced diet to suit the individual, which is refreshing… Team Mountain Fuel has helped me understand that there is no individual solution that fits us all, we all train at different intensities, run/train at different speeds, distances and frequency… our bodies are unique as are our metabolisms so I now explore new foods, quantities and combinations and monitor performance and well being and tweak where necessary.

Why I love running!
I don’t just love running, I love all the kit that goes with it and the challenges of trying to get better. I’m lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and am blessed to have a playground that encourages me and inspires me to get out… and as it is so stunning why not run for hours to make the most of it. Well that’s my excuse for lots of training!

My favorite achievement(s) so far…
Following on from my second place in the Hardmoors 110 where I first used Mountain Fuel competitively and armed with a new nutrition strategy developed with the lads at Mountain Fuel I completed my first UTMB (Tour of Mont Blanc in France – 166km with 9600m of ascent) last year and was delighted to finished 198th out of 2300 despite not approaching the race with a competitive mentality, I simply wanted to get round and enjoy it.

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