Heather Mochrie

Trail and Ultra Runner

A bit about me….
I’m 33 years old, work full time and have 2 children Thomas (6) & Emily (4) and I LOVE running. Basically, I’m a very busy person! Running has always played a big part in my life coming from an active family and watching my dad compete in various races as a child, to then competing myself throughout school until now. I have run various disciplines from the 1500m to 110 miles. On road, off road, trail and fell. My favourite distance and terrain at the moment would have to be 30(ish) miles in the fells & trails. I love the variation of trail running – the short sharp climbs, the winding descents. I like the challenge of the longer runs… however at the moment, I’m really enjoying that specific distance.

What I’ve learnt so far…
So far I have learnt to listen to my body. I have learnt to respond to my mind be it a negative or positive. I have wasted so much energy fighting with my inner self! Running isn’t easy…. its supposed to a bit hard that’s what’s great about the feeling of finishing – the feeling of achievement.

I have also learnt about the importance of nutrition. What works for one, may not work for us all e.g. I cannot take ANY gels! They make me feel sick for days! Timing is also key. Making sure I am always putting in in order for me to take out. I’ve learnt the hard way with that – literally hating every second of a run because I felt terrible…why… because I haven’t got my nutrition right. I love using Mountain Fuel Xtreme energy drinks for this reason. I know that by having it, it’s giving me a mix of carbs, proteins and other nutrients found in real food but in the easy form of a drink… when food can become hard to eat!

Variation. I was a slave to the weekly mileage chugging out the same miles at the same pace. Now I try and switch my training. From hill sessions in the dales to even doing the dreaded ‘speed sessions at the track’. Thanks to my local running club the Darlington Harriers for finally getting me to crack & attend!! Rest & Recover. I never used to do this! Now, I will allow myself a few days rest a week… hurray!!

Why I love running
I find running the biggest stress buster going! Either putting my ipod on or going out for a social with my mates I find it therapeutic! I love the outdoors and what it offers…

My favourite achievement so far
My favourite race has got to be the Swaledale Marathon. It was the event I always used to watch my Dad compete in. As a family we would follow him around the course with drinks and jelly babies. He may not know it, but my dad inspired me to try. Since the first time I entered I have somehow managed to always sustain first lady 4x over…. It will always be my most sentimental event and one I hope to see my own children competing in (hopefully with me!)

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