Jack Oates

Ultra Runner

Well I am a self confessed running nutcase to put it bluntly. The real challenge for me is seeing how far I can push both my mental and physical limits. I have always dabbled in a bit of running when I was younger to help me keep fit for playing rugby, but initially it was my dad who got me into running as he used to take me on runs with him when we were on holiday. However it wasn’t until I finished my A levels and started looking for a job that I found out how much I enjoyed it. So as the runs got longer and the mileage got higher I discovered this wacky thing called trail running, where you run up ridiculous hills ( more like mountains if you ask me) through the most muddy, slippery and boggy terrain, who wouldn’t want to give it a go! So I entered my first half and ended up finishing 3rd discovering that I was alright at this running lark, then a couple of months later my first marathon and finished 2nd, it was only logical to progress to ultra marathon running to please my inner sadist. So now I don’t fear any distance!

I feel that if you can get the best from yourself in training, from your diet, your recovery as well as your running schedule, it will allow you to race even harder than you believed possible of yourself. My proudest achievements so far are being the 2017 UK middle distance trail running champion, my 2nd place at the Classic quarter 44 mile ultra (my first ever ultra) and my 2:36 marathon after going out at a very ambitious pace and sort of clinging on in the end! I am only 21 so I am hoping to keep learning from all of these crazy experiences to help me go on to greater things. But my proudest achievement was having the privilege of being able to run my dads first marathon with him at the New Forest Marathon, I had somehow convinced him that a 48 there is always a first time for everything! He even managed to crack 4 hours!

Jack Oates

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