Kirk Hardwick

Mountain Ultra Runner

My journey thus far

I’m a 37 year old father of two – family man and mountain ultra runner. Relatively new to the sport, I took up running just over 4 years ago having been taken in by the mysticism and adventure of running in the mountains. Within 6 months I’d completed my first ultra of 50k, and have since raced at a variety of distances up to and including 100milers. I’ve been fortunate enough to bag a series of podiums and a 1st male at a 100 miler last year, showing a solid progression in my performances. I’m currently fortunate enough to be supported by Salomon, Suunto and Mountain Fuel.

The epiphany

Like most, I came into ultra running with the purest belief that in order to improve you merely had to accumulate miles and ascent. I couldn’t have been more wrong, even now I doggedly try to push beyond my limits with the inevitable injury creeping in to stall matters. What fell out of my constant pursuit of improvement was the epiphany that it was a holistic approach that brings results. Training needs to be partnered with strengthening, recovery and, perhaps most important, a sound diet. It’s quite the cliche, but we really are what we eat! In my daily life I endeavour to eat clean, making my own meals from single natural ingredients.

Fuelling for racesI’m absolutely passionate about running and training in the Peak District where I live – but I’m equally captivated by the excitement of racing. I love the tangible results that are gained from astute and meticulous training and preparation. However the missing ingredient in my racing has always been correct fuelling. I had limited success with gels, forcing one down every 30 minutes, but it was a short lived strategy that saw me suffering late on in many races, where I literally couldn’t stomach anything else. In my quest for the answer I’ve discovered Mountain Fuel. Containing all the requisite nutrients the body could need – carbohydrates, electrolytes and even protein, what else could I need? Not only that, it’s easy on the stomach, in an easy to drink and tasty format.I look forward to progressing in my racing with Mountain Fuel in my armoury.My blog is at

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