Margaret Duncan


I’m almost 50 and was late to sport at age 44. It started with a few parkruns. I then joined a women’s running group in Sheffield and after a couple of years started doing triathlons. After a few GB age group triathlons in sprint, standard and middle distance and after a bit of time out with a large tibial stress fracture I was looking for new challenges. It seemed appropriate for my 50th year to do the UK’s hardest triathlon, Triathlon X in the Lakes; which I loved despite the shocking weather on the bike. Looking forward to the eXtreme next year. Forayed a little into Ultra running this year and ran my first 50 miler but I think my favourite is bog standard trail running at the moment. I sometimes podium in my age group (not at AG level though) but I’m not particularly fast or anything special. I just love new challenges and pushing my body to the limits.

I started trying out Mountain Fuel,as particularly when running its difficult to get real food down when racing. The Raw energy and the Jellies are particularly great and give me no GI issues at all.

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