Sarah Sawyer

Ultra Runner

I’m Sarah from Brighton, and I run everything from parkrun to 100 mile ultras and everything inbetween – I love running on trails, in the mountains, across deserts, on roads and on the track. Basically I just love running! Some of my favourite places I’ve run are the Alps, the Lakes, Atacama Desert, the Andes and the Brecon Beacons. Closer to home you can normally find me on the South Downs at 5am in the morning as I’m a fully signed up member of the 5am run club!

I didn’t start running until my early 30s and by my own admission was pretty clueless for the first few years (I won’t tell you what my first marathon splits were!), but I’m a big believer that you can achieve pretty much anything you put your mind to with hard work, determination, consistent training, a bit of stubbornness and a big smile.

Some of my racing highlights are RTP Ecuador (1st lady), Atacama Crossing (2nd lady), Thames Path 100 (2nd lady), Berlin 100 (3rd lady) and Wendover Woods 50 (3rd lady). Over the next 18 months I hope to run a 24 hour track race, UTMB and finally nail a road marathon. I also keep getting drawn to the Tor des Geants website so that’s become a bit of a longer-term (scary!) goal.

Since I started using Mountain Fuel 18 months ago, I no longer have any stomach issues in ultras and I know that if I use it during races, supplemented with small amounts of ‘real food’, I get all the calories and nutrients I need, whatever the race distance. It’s just made racing so much easier for me now I don’t have to worry about nutrition….and it also helps that it’s downright tasty!

Sarah Sawyer
Sarah Sawyer

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