Cat Simpson – Ultra Runner

Cat Simpson Ultra RunnerA bit about me

I started running in my mid-20s after being talked into signing up for a marathon, but moved away from purely road running in favour of trails. I train mostly on the North Downs Way and South Downs Way, and  use running as an excuse to explore new places – I’m currently a bit obsessed with the Lakes and can often be found on the 6am train out of London on at Saturday and last one back on a Sunday night.

I prefer longer distance events and have completed three 100 milers, and am currently training for the iconic Grand Union Canal Race, 145 miles from Birmingham to London.

What I’ve learned

I’m always learning. I believe you get out what you put in (to life and running). It’s not necessarily easy, but that’s the beauty of it (and means not everyone’s doing it).

Cat Simpson Ultra RunningWhy I love running

It’s a bit cheesy, but I love how straightforward running is – you don’t need lots of fancy, expensive gear, which I think is a great metaphor for life (although I do love my Suunto and Strava!). I also love the people you meet through ultra running too – some real eccentric characters that don’t take themselves too seriously.

My favourite achievement

I’m probably proudest to have shaved five and a half hours off my first 100 mile time to finish as second lady at the Centurion South Downs Way 100 in 2016, then training solidly for the Centurion Autumn 100 later in the year to go a bit faster and come third lady in 17 hours and 24 minutes.

I also picked up first lady at the Torres Del Paine 50k Ultra Trail in 2014, on a tough but beautiful mountain course in Patagonia. Oh, and finally breaking the sub-20 minute parkrun mark – that’s real racing 😉