Ian Houghton – #Type1 Diabetes cyclist / runner

Ian HoughtonAbout me
I’ve ran off road for a number of years now, only over last couple of years competitively. My main love is fell running for a number of reasons, the type of terrain and conditions we have to run in, it’s never easy!! Also the fact it’s more low key with races not heavily commercialised, some of the lads and girls that I’ve come up against are definitely not low key!!! I enjoy cycling too and use the sport as way of mixing up my exercise. I’m also type 1 diabetic which brings its own challenges whilst out and about, keeping my blood sugar levels at the right level to help me exercise safely, especially up in the hills.

Ian Houghton Type1 DiabeticNutrition and fuelling
We all know about the importance of taking on the right nutrients, proteins for example to help your body repair and recover after exercise.
Being a type 1 of 35 years I also understand the importance of taking on the right foods before and during exercise, even when out just having fun in the hills.
Some of the products on the market are basically just laced with sugars and with my condition this is not helpful at all. I found Mountain Fuel doesn’t produce that “spike” that loading up on high sugar products give off, I’ve found there’s more slow releasing sugars in the product which helps me with the risk of a sudden hypo’s whilst out and about as my sugars tail off gradually instead of short sharp drop which can knock you a little and catch you unaware when exercising. Aa well as getting my carb intake right I also have to make sure my insulin ratio is correct and depending what I’ve done the day before for instance also plays a part, so its important for me to use carbohydrates I can trust and that can be taken on the move too. A bit of a challenge!!

Ian Houghton #type1 diabetesWhy I love to exercise?
A number of reasons, to help control my condition.
I love to be outdoors, whether on foot or on the bike. The fell running side of things is great, also the places that people who exercise at ground level don’t see. The hills whether it be Snowdonia, the Lakes or even closer to home for me (Clwydian Range) all have great views and challenges to offer that running on roads just doesn’t give us!

I’m never going to win any races, I’m just happy to be a part of the Fell Running community, meeting new people and testing myself in some of the toughest terrain in UK.

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