Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn – Ultra Runner

A bit about me

I’d run on and off since I was a teenager and gradually just ran more and more. Then in 2011, my boyfriend (now Fiancé) and I entered the Lakeland 50 as pair, as a bit of a crazy challenge. We finished 3rd pair and I’d caught the ultra running bug! Since then I’ve completed about ten 50+ mile races and this year will complete my fifth 100+ miler. My big challenge this year is the Transalpine run – a 7 day stage race from Germany, through the Swiss & Austrian Alps to Italy. I’m also entering 3 sky running race – the V3K, the LakesSkyUltra and the Tromso VK and Extreme SkyRace.

What I’ve learned

There is so much to get right on ultras and every one I do I learn a little more. The key things I’ve learned are efficient yet flexible training, nutrition and mindset.

Although I spend my weekends at home in Yorkshire, training mainly in the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, I work long hard hours in London during the week so I have to be efficient yet flexible with my training, whilst also giving myself sufficient rest!

I’ve had a lot of stomach issues over the years and seem to have found a strategy that works since I discovered Mountain Fuel, which I drink alongside solid food whilst running – such as flapjack and savoury wraps. I also have Morning Fuel for breakfast on long run days and and 2 on the morning of race days! I’ve also made changes to my diet, such as substituting coffee with green tea. I love that Mountain Fuel advocate that Mountain Fuel can be used alongside real food!

Finally, mindset. In the last year I have started to focus more during races and believe that I can place well. I really think that when you believe you can do something you are more likely to succeed!

Why I love running?

There are so many reasons I love running but the happiness and freedom I feel when I run are definitely one the top reasons – Its hard to beat the pure joy of that moment at the top of a long climb when you are rewarded with a mind blowing view followed by flying down a steep ascent!

Its also a great place for problem solving – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve solved a work related puzzle or dreamed up a new crazy adventure whilst out running.

My favourite achievement

Finishing 2nd lady (and getting a PB by nearly 5 hours) in the 2015 Lakeland 100 was beyond what I’d believed I could ever achieve! Also coming 1st Lady in the 2016 Hardmoors 55 – this meant so much to me as it was my first 50+ mile race since I’d had a really bad time with stomach issues with the last one and the first time I’d used Mountain Fuel at this distance.

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