Mārcis Gubāts – Ultra Runner

A bit about me: I moved to The Lake District few years ago and started running soon after. I was a keen hiker so me and my wife would go out for a long walks, we would climb some fells but that was not enough for me. I was so eager to see more fells and lakes and bag more summits, get across rocky ridges in one outing than I could by just walking – so I started running. Trails, fells and roads. As my wife is not a runner I needed to get around quicker as well, if I intended to stay out for longer. So that she would not get angry with me. She is half Russian and you do not want to make a Russian woman angry or she will go nuclear. I usually spend my days after work at a guest house in the Coniston fells and every time I am up on Wetherlam or Coniston Old Man I take a look around and think – I simply cannot leave this place. I even race just in the Lakes as it is all about the atmosphere which seems just magical.

My Mountain Fuel tip: I was struggling quite with motivation in the latter stages of my first 100 miler which was the Lakeland 100, so I mixed it up a bit – half flat coke and half Xtreme Energy Fuel Blackcurrant and it worked like a charm, powered me to 2nd place so watch out for a new MF flavour!

2017 – 2nd Lakeland 100 , 3rd Grizedale Trail26 Marathon

2016 – 4th Lakeland 50

2015 –  2nd Lakes in a Day 2015

Running goals: To be out there still running trails, fells and mountains when I’m 70.