#MKGEMMA – Team Muddy Kit

MKGEMMAName: Gemma Bloomfield

Age: 25

Favourite Disciplines: OCR, ultra running, trail running

Favourite event(s): Pain and Suffering Triple for OCR & Hardmoors for trail & ultra running.

Favourite obstacle(s): Slides, as I’m a big kid at heart

Top achievement(s) so far: Completing Hardmoors 55, & my podium places at Spartan Ram Run, & Endur24 with an awesome team.

Upcoming goal(s): To get a sub 20min 5k.  Also to finish eliminator 24 hour race solo, because their marathon was hard enough!

“Mountain fuel energy makes me feel alert, as soon as I start drinking it & makes me feel ready for the race or training ahead. I also feel I can push further with the help of mountain fuel.”

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