#MKRACHAEL – Team Muddy Kit

MKRACHAELName: Rachael Brewitt

Age: 31 (mum of 3)

Favourite disciplines: Obstacle course racing / military bootcamp style training.

Favourite Event: Nuclear Races wins this every time for me, purely for the mud/obstacles ratio per km !!

Favourite obstacle: Walls,  any kind of walls inclined/12foot/overhang walls, I love them.

Top achievement: Having not been in the sport for that long my biggest achievement was becoming a muddykit team member (after only having done one other event) at the tough guy team trials I came First Lady !

Goals: I’m currently improving my training and concentrating on running and technique. I would really like to achieve a podium finish this year.

“Mountain fuel isn’t a quick fix energy hit. It’s a balanced system that fuels you to the end of your challenge and beyond. I love it!”

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