Sean Conway – Endurance Adventurer

We are delighted to be the nutrition partner for the amazing Sean Conway. This guy is a legend – just have a quick browse of his “CV”. You will be blown away by some of his achievements to date (and his famous beard)…

swim britain

1. He is the only person to have completed the world’s longest triathlon. Sean has previously swam, ran and cycled the length of Britain (not successively – wimp!) but this year completed a non-stop circumnavigation of the entire British coastline by bike (3,200 miles from Lulworth Cove to Scarborough) running (800 miles from Scarborough to Brighton) and swam (100 miles from Brighton back to the start). 85 days. Madness.

worlds longest triathlon

It was on this quest that Sean stumbled across Mountain Fuel. One evening in a pub (whilst on the run ‘leg’), Sean met one our Mountain Fuellers. He very quickly got in touch with us directly and we soon started supplying him with our products. Sean found new energies on the swim, by mixing a strong concentrated solutions of Xtreme Energy Fuel and as they say, the rest is history…!

. Sean became the first man swim the length of Britain. As his website says “…most of the sponsors [he] approached turned him down as they were worried that he would die trying.”

3. A cycle around the world – 16,000 miles, 6 continents, 116 days. Due to being ran over in the US, his “…average speed dropped down to 140 miles per day”. The pain, he later found out was due to a fractured spine…

4. Three Peak Challenge – the usual – (climbing the highest peak in Wales, England and Scotland) – the not so usual – Sean also cycled the 430 miles in-between! He teamed up with his friend Sophie to try and complete the challenge in 60 hours…

3 peaks challange

5. Sailing the Length of Britain Record in 83 hours and 53 minutes. I think the 53 minutes is clearly important!

6, 7, 8… etc Read more about Sean and his adventures on his website… a very entertaining and inspiring afternoons read!