Ste Lord – Trail & Ultra Runner

Ste LordMy Story….
I don’t have a conventional running background, I ran the 800m at school (won it most years) but not at a competitive level, where I’m from you just never got the opportunity. At 17 years old I joined the Army and ran nearly everyday and loved it, I also got really good at drinking and developed a strong 20 a day habit! Left the Army after 4 years but just casually flirted with running. Fast forward to 2012 after several attempts down the years I quit smoking, 2 weeks later my mum passed away suddenly, good excuse to get back on the cigs? No ….I started running again!

Ultra distance and Nutrition
Although only in my 2nd year at running the long stuff, what I love about ultras is how the distance strips you bare, you learn something new about yourself every race. Heart and guts will only get you so far though, getting your nutrition right is essential in getting you to the finish and I believe using Mountain Fuel for the 1st time in my recent Hardmoors 55 win played a major factor in me setting a new (Helmsley-Guisborough) course record and I’m super excited about using the different Mountain Fuel supplements to maximize my potential.

FB_20160327_18_59_08_Saved_PictureAbout running
Trail running has changed my life. I love the adventure, the different terrains,  the wildlife,  the smells and sounds; that magical moment when deer cross the trail  you’re running, I love the freedom and testing my limits.

Achievements and goals
My best achievement to date is my 1st place at Hardmoors 55 2016 followed by two previous podiums at Hardmoors 60 2015 (3rd) and Hardmoors 30 2016 (2nd).

My main aim for 2016 is the Hardmoors grand slam (30, 55, 110, 60) which will include my first 100 miler! The future? I want to run as many of the prestigious ultra races in the U.K and Europe and maybe further afield if possible and of course all powered by Mountain Fuel.

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