News and Updates from Mountain Fuellers

Jack Oliver ran the Steve Parr round and broke the Winter Record in 47 hours 11 minutes and 26 seconds. 190km, 66 Wainwrights and 13,500m of ascent.

“There has been so many amazing moments across the 2 days that has made the whole experience an unforgettable time. Thanks to the 20+ people who came from far and wide to support the attempt and make it what it is. A new winter record and making me 1 of 10 people to finish the round. It is without a doubt one of the hardest days running the Lakes you will find but an incredible adventure that’s for sure.
Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition – you guys made a product that keep me going though out the round.”
The Arc of Attrition was this weekend.
The top three men were:
Gavin Dale: 19:56
Ellis Bland: 20:24
Daniel Weller: 20:40
The top three ladies were:
Emma Stuart: 21:22
Robyn Cassidy: 23:42
Holly Rush: 24:01
Photo courtesy of Jack Oliver