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Christina Mackenzie travelled south to Wales this weekend for the RTTA National 12 hour championships. She managed 263 miles in 12 hours, smashing the course record, (previously 257 miles on the R12/16 course and lifted the national title.
Sue Toppin took the overall female win at the inaugural Georgian Triathlon completing in 11.28.17.
Katusha Townshend ran the Lakeland Trails 10km and came 13th female, 52nd overall ( out of 221 runners) whilst 32 weeks pregnant.
Kirk Hardwick is currently running the Dragon’s Back Race and he finished day one in 10 hours 14 mins.
Kilian Jornet’s Bob Graham Round record was smashed last Friday by Jack Kuenzle, a lad from Connecticut who did the round in 12.23, taking nearly 30 minutes of Kilian’s record!
Photo credit: Timing Up North