The Right Way to Warm Up

Us runners are a funny lot sometimes… We’ll be that keen to get out of the door and go on a run that we’ll decide to just skip the warm up… then get surprised when we get injured. Yep, that’s most of us! I’ve never been much of a ‘warm up’ person, I think it…

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Don’t let training ruin your run

I’ve literally just had a message from a runner who said they were training for their first and last marathon, they were suffering and struggling with the added mileage, feeling sick on longer runs and clearly not enjoying the journey. They even said someone had told them they don’t have ‘running legs’… To me, running…

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Pic n Mix Sports Nutrition

When I was growing up, there was nothing I liked more than going to the tuck shop and getting myself a Pic N Mix. But one of the things with a Pic N Mix, is that there’s some sweets you just don’t eat together. I mean, you wouldn’t have a white mouse in with a…

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Q & A with Jon Albon

A few weeks ago we asked folk if they had any questions for Trail Running World Champion Jonathan Albon – here’s a few of the questions with responses from Jon How many hours do you train per day? Changes from season to season. In the winter between 20-30 and in the Summer less as I’m…

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What’s love got to do with it?

Valentines, a time of love, chocolates and big meals…   Well it’s a little more than that…   It can actually form part of your training plan.   Well it does of for me anyway.   I’m often seen racing around Keswick the day before Valentines, in card shops desperately trying to find the cheapest…

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The Spine Race

Useful thoughts from Sabrina Verjee, winter & summer Spine Race winner. The average speed on the Winter Spine is slow: mine less than 3km/hr! Training hard and fast is worthless, training long and slow with a weighted pack very valuable. My total time in checkpoints throughout the entire race was 7 hours and 10 minutes…

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Successful introduction into fuelling and recovery

Tom Adams is an elite runner, having represented Team GB at the European Mountain Running Championships, however like many people he hasn’t really understood the benefits or how to fuel and recover effectively. Having recently targeted a 4 day in Cyprus he turned to Mountain Fuel for some advice on how he could ensure that…

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World class results and records keep tumbling

Mountain Fuel really is the best of British sports nutrition, in 2019 we’ve seen; Charlie Harpur donning his England vest and winning the 100k Anglo Celtic Plate Kilian Jornet breaking the 24 hour elevation record completing 78,274ft over the 24 hours Mark Lamb 1st English Fell Championships, Stretton Hills Mark Lamb 2nd English Fell Championships,…

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Team GB Claim World Trail Silver

Congratulations to Team GB World Trail Team with a well deserved Silver. Great runs for all the team with Jonathan Albon taking the overall win. Next counter was debutant and our local lad (Keswick Athletic Club) Carl Bell 13th showing what we all thought in the fell running world, this lad can compete with the best of them. Unfortunately…

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