Dragons Back Everest Roaming ride

By Rupert Bonington
March 23, 2022
Congratulations to Alan Colville who took himself out for a little pedal around Wales and set a new Everest Roaming route ???????

After this ride Alan said:

First unsupported ride that I route planned myself. Mistakes made and so many lessons learned, but after missing a key fuel stop in Dolgellau, I only have three of your ginger bars, a portion of morning fuel and two bottles of your energy fuel to get me over 3,000 meters and 200km, but do you know what, Mountain Fuel got me there! Thank you so much for the support, advice, gels and bars. So, so helpful.

?Dragons Back 605km Everesting Roam with 10,020 metres of climbing hitting all the best known Welsh hills done in a single ride with no repeated hills.

Over 28 hours of riding I’ll never forget and one that has only heightened my love for the bike and the challenges that can be dreamt up.
Leg breakers hills included The Tumble, Gospel Pass, Machynlleth, Bwlch y Groes, Devil’s Staircase, Black Mountain, Bryn Dru and many more.
Highs were riding Gospel Pass with Oliver, who I met on route. Full moon and star filled sky up and over Bwlch y Groes. Turning it around after bonking and getting robot legs for the last 15 hours, which just kept turning on their own. Lows were missing refuelling stop, bonking after Dolgellau, trying to sleep in a bus stop, rationing water and food through night shift and a headwind the whole way back down from Snowdon ?
Ride submitted to Hells 500 to get it verified ?
You never fail to deliver Wales ☀️
Thanks you Janie, Oli, Chuck at BW, Ryan Builds Wheels, Ian and Marco (for checking my route).
I think this route would make an epic two day, if anyone is up for the challenge.
Dragons Back Roaming

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