Exploring running technique

By Rupert Bonington
February 13, 2017

On my day off last week I went to see someone about my running technique. I’ve seen Shane of https://runningreborncoaching.wordpress.com/ with his ViMove analysis kit a few times. Every time we meet he has even more knowledge to share with me, this time did not disappoint. 

For this year I am coming away from Half Ironman and Ironman racing with the aim to turn Professional in Off-road triathlons. The main series is called Xterra and would mean a bit of travelling for races but hopefully worth it. The races I do will consist of 1500m swim, 30km mountain bike and a tough 10km off-road run. You will get to the run being tired and that’s where run form and technique is vital to help save energy.

The objective that Shane had set for my session was to cause me to fatigue during a bleep test and then we would run-off after that for a period of time. During which he immediately started to give me guidance on my form and technique. Anyone can run with reasonably good form for a short period of time in front of a coach, this really opened up my flaws and highlighted them to Shane as he followed me on his bike. 

Throughout the process Shane was guiding me on how to save energy, giving me small key things to focus on. During a bleep test you really can’t hear much but Shane made it simple. Proving to me that we could keep me running longer and with more ease.

I will be seeing Shane again as he tailors my sessions to help me really get my teeth stuck in to the Off-road triathlons. I want to leave no stone left unturned. 

For me, my left shoulder has an irregular movement pattern to it that is causing an asymmetry through my legs, my left heel doesn’t really ever touch the ground and my head was always trying to look down. One thing is that you don’t realise this is happening until someone records it. Then more importantly knowing how to correct it or the implications it can have on your training and performance

Now I have to go away and work on things inhibiting my run to make sure it’s not going to cause injury or a long term compensation. 

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