Fuelling for the Fan Dance

By Rupert Bonington
January 05, 2016

Mark Hughes… it’s not about just about finishing, fuel correctly and you will enjoy the Fan Dance far more as you will feel mentally and physically better during and after the event.

As an example we’ve chosen a four hour finish and explained how you can add in extras to match your time if longer. Please bear in mind that Loaded will require more additional extra snacks to keep the system topped up with energy;

Example 4 hour finish…

1 x Night Fuel
1 x Morning Fuel
3 to 4 Xtreme Energy
1 x Ultimate Recovery

(For every estimated 1.5 hours add an extra Xtreme Energy Fuel)

Drink a Night Fuel the night before.

Have a Morning Fuel for breakfast, if desired this can be mixed with additional oats, dried fruit or fresh banana.

Begin sipping an Xtreme energy at breakfast, taking your time to drink it over an hour or so.

After 30 to 40 mins into the FAN begin sipping an Xtreme Energy. Depending on cadence / effort you will need an energy every 1 to 1.5 hours.

Nibble oat/fruit based bars, or make up some power pancakes. Key is not too over eat, little and often keeps the system topped up without stressing the stomach and wasting energy. Fresh is also good, if you don’t mind a bit of bruising pack some bananas, a fantastic energy source. Also make up a trail mix of almonds, brazils, sesame seeds with dried fruit for nibbling on. Or pack some dried mango, figs or dates as these are a great instant energy source, but do not over eat!

You can also make up some home made gel, this will deliver a quick but sustained release of energy compared to an off the shelf gel which is a short burst of energy and upsets your stomach!

As a note avoid fry up breakfasts and heavy foods before and during the FAN, pies, meat etc takes too long for the stomach to break down into energy so this is not an efficient way to fuel. Also avoid off the shelf sugary drinks and sweets as these give you a short lived sugar rush that then leaves your body craving more sugar and results in the classic ‘hitting the wall’ or ‘bonking’!

We’re getting excited now, final training runs taking place in a very wet and wild Lake District. Look forward to seeing you at the FAN.

Team Mountain Fuel

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