Incredible new 214 peak Wainwrights record by Sabrina Verjee

By Rupert Bonington
June 19, 2021
Sabrina Verjee climbing Catbells, Wainwright record

Sabrina Verjee climbing Catbells during her successful Wainwright record. Pic Paul Wilson

Sabrina Verjee has set a new 214 peak Wainwright record in a time of 5 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes, around 6 hours faster than the previous record held by Paul Tierney. The route which is 525km in length with around 36,000m is broken down into 25 legs, where each leg is supported by a navigator and runners who help to carry fuel and kit. Throughout the challenge Sabrina possibly broke another record in the most sports gels consumed in a 5 day period having taking on board around 100 hydrogel sports jellies! These were a mix of lime, orange and the new Natural Sport Jelly+ with caffeine. In addition to the hydrogel Sport Jelly Sabs drank Raw Energy Fuel and at the end of each leg had a double dose of Ultimate Recovery Fuel to ensure that she was replenishing with protein to offset DOMs and repair muscle on the go. This combination, along with other mixes of food at checkpoints ensured that energy levels remained strong throughout and recovery post challenge has been very good.

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