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By Kate
September 26, 2022

Sue Harrison Sue was 1st lady and 6th overall at the Sri Chimnoy 24 hour race. She said:

“Found myself running round and round in circles again this weekend! My second attempt at the Sri Chinmoy 24-hour track race at Battersea Park athletics track, starting at 12 noon Saturday and finishing at 12 noon Sunday. Really chuffed to finish 1st female and 6th overall out of 43 starters. Even more chuffed to add 20 miles to my pb, with a distance of 197.7km (122.8 miles), which equates to 494 laps of the 400m track! From the records I can find, I’m pretty sure it was a UK W50 age record for a 24 hour track race.”
George Foster came 3rd in the UTMB World Series race – Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB – 59km and +3300m.
Great PB result for Sean Warburton in the Berlin Marathon yesterday; he ran it in 2:39:11
Billy Cartwright and Nic Jackson each won their categories in the Waddington Fell Race. Billy ran it in 44:10 and Nic in 51.17. She also came 6th overall.
Gavin Harte also ran a great race in Berlin, exceeding his expectations and coming in 3.15.58.
Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB Mountain Fuel

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