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By Kate
September 12, 2022

Lisa Watson and James Noble win the Dragon’s Back race, and Kirk Hardwick came in 11th after a great week in Wales. After the death of Her Majesty, The Queen, arrangements for the finish of the race had to change but it was all organised very well.

The Lap was held on Saturday 10th with Cat Spurden coming first lady in 9.35.17 and Jamie Hauxwell coming first, breaking the anti-clockwise record in 8.09.31. The first trans/non-binary was also awarded to Emma Hayden who completed the race in 12.22.35.

At the time of writing, Sabrina Verge and Damian Hall are 7th and 8th respectively in the Tor des Giants 330, with Lawrence Eccles in 15th, Tim Woodier in 33rd, Chris Taylor in 65th and Antonio Codina in 142nd.

Paul Tierney is currently in 4th place in the Tors des Glaciers 450 and Nicky Spinks is in 39th – amazing running from everyone in all events.

Sabrina’s new book, Where There’s a Hill, is released on 15th September. She writes about her record breaking Wainwrights run.

Cover image: No Limits Photography/Dragon’s Back

Lisa Watson wins Dragons Back 2022 Mountain Fuel No Limits Photography

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