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By Kate
November 07, 2022
This weekend was the World Trail and Mountain Championships in Thailand.
In the Short Trail race both the men (Jon Albon, Kristian Jones, Billy Cartwright) and women’s (Eleanor Davis, Sharon Taylor and Nic Jackson) GB & NI teams got bronze, and the ladies team (Scout Adkin, Ruth Jones and Holly Page) got Silver in both the Uphill Mountain Race and the Up and Downhill Mountain Race (Scout Adkin, Holly Page and Naomi Lang).
The Junior Ladies (Jessica Bailey, Rebecca Flaherty, Ellen Weir) won gold on the Up and Downhill Race, while the Junior Boys (Finlay Grant, Fraser Gilmour, William Longden), got Bronze.
Individual medals went to Jon Albon, who got bronze in the Short Trail race, and Jessica Bailey and Rebecca Flaherty came home with Gold and Silver respectively in the Up and Downhill Mountain Race.
Well done everyone!
Pawel Cymbalista ran from Fort William to Mallaig along the road to break the record in 5 hours 42 mins and 59 seconds. He used Mountain Fuel jellies and raw energy fuel.
Image: Nic Jackson
Nic Jackson MF

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