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By Kate
October 18, 2022
Alan Colville competed in the Kielder Chiller and 24 Hour British Mountain Bike Champs and came 2nd overall and age group national champion.
Nicola Jackson won the Langdale Horseshoe in the third fastest women’s time ever, which gave her 2nd place in the championships.
George Foster and his team came 2nd in the Championships after running at Langdale.
Paul Wilson ran the Suffolk Backyard Ultra. Paul ran 35 laps, totalling 145.8 miles.
“After some belly issues those miles were fuelled by Mountain Fuel’s Xtreme Energy, Night and Morning Fuel and Jellies, starting with 2 non caffeine ones per lap, then one non and one caffeine, then two caffeine. Plus rice pudding and the occasional sugary tea. That just goes to show how good Mountain Fuel is in my mind (and no, not sponsored by them, we buy it cos it’s good).”

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