Rachel Love - Triathlete and Ultra Runner

By Rupert Bonington
March 16, 2015
Rachel Love - Triathlete and Ultra Runner

Rachel Love – Triathlete and Ultra Runner

A bit about me
I’ve been using Mountain Fuel since the beginning but was just racing 10miles max. Since taking up duathlon, triathlon, quadrathlon & ultrarunning; Mountain Fuel has come into it’s own! On my first ever duathlon I was 2nd lady over 40. On my first quadrathlon I was 3rd lady in the British Champs & I completed my first Outlaw (Ironman) in 12hrs 49 on the hottest day of the year! I’ve been 3rd lady 2 years on the trot in the Hell On The Humber ‘Helloween’ 6hr event over the Humber Bridge (32 miles) & it’s all thanks to Mountain Fuel..!

What I’ve learnt?
It doesn’t matter how hard you train, you must take your nutrition seriously to make the most out of an event and also get maximum enjoyment. I completed my first Iron Man in 30 degree heat with no wind or shade and it involved a 2.4-mile swim and a 112-mile bike ride followed by a marathon run.  I had a good nutrition and hydration strategy in place I really enjoyed the event despite the heat, but unfortunately many others didn’t and the medical tent was very busy!

Why I love Triathlon?
I love each aspect of the triathlon and the variety of training that’s involved. I am a motivated person so training for endurance events is a challenge and enjoyable which is why I also enjoy Ultra running.

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