Racing with Crohns - IBD

By Rupert Bonington
May 15, 2019

Jacob Tonkin
Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Since returning to running I have tried every sports nutrition brand under the sun, as I have to be careful with what I eat. Most gels are too sugary, too sweet and the wrong texture which is a certain way to give me problems. I have found that the Mountain Fuel Sports Jelly is the best I have come across. It tastes like real jelly! What isn’t there to love about that. The consistency is brilliant, you can sip away at them over 10-20 minutes and put it back in your pack without it oozing out of the packaging and all over your kit. Taking a few of these with me is my way of ensuring a good run isn’t ruined by the dreaded bonk! Having trained and races with these I know I will avoid stomach issues during and after my runs.

Orange Sports Jelly

Mountain Fuel FeelGoodBars – these taste great, and are a step away from conventional flavours. The orange and tumeric bar is almost savoury, which is great as it doesn’t taste sickly at all. The ginger flavoured bar should be regarded as a new Lake District triumph, and should be in the same class as the infamous Grasmere Ginger Bread. The bars are nice and easy to eat. You don’t have to lose energy by chewing them for 20 minutes! Again they are easy on the stomach and fit lovely in any bum bag or pack. I haven’t had any stomach issues since using Mountain Fuel products, which is a miracle. I’d recommend them to any runner, cyclist or walker. Regardless of they have Crohn’s/IBD or not!

FeelGoodBar taster pack

Jacob Tonkin

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