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By Kate
January 25, 2023

Last week many were glued to their screens dot watching a very exciting Spine Race. Damian Hall was pushed all the way by Jack Scott, who came second as he had received a 40 minute time penalty. He also received a time award of 7 minutes for stopping to help another competitor, but it wasn’t enough to beat Damian Hall, who ran with Jack in to the finish in a time of 84:36:24 with Jack achieving 85:16:24. Joe O’Leary was third in 96:50:53. Both Damian and Jack beat John Kelly’s record of 87:53:57

The ladies field was lead by Claire Bannwarth, who came in 97:39:58, a whole 24 hours ahead of the next lady, Hannah Rickman (121:23:52). Edwina Sutton was 3rd lady in 125:56:43.

Mountain Fueller Andrew Morley came 3rd in the Spine Sprint.

Image courtesy of The Spine


Damian and Jack Spine Finish Teamwork

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