Ultra Marathon Nutrition Guide

Whether you are looking to smash out a PB, pushing your body to its limits or are just looking to get around and survive.

Taking on board the right fuel, at the right time can not only help you have a better run but it can also help you feel better during and after your big race.

Our guide is focused around our products, a tried and tested system that is used by European and World class athletes. They are not 'sponsored' athletes receiving free products, these are some of the world's best who purchase the system to get the very best out of their races so please read on and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.


Ultra-marathons are often seen as an eating contest with plenty of shuffling, the occasional crawl and the odd bout of running. Whatever and however your race pans out we
want to try and help you enjoy it as much as possible and also recover quicker so you can get back out again doing what you love.

In the build-up

We all have a concept of what is healthy but many of us have varied diets and food beliefs. We simply suggest that you aim to avoid as much processed foods in the build up and try and eat as much food as you can that you have prepared from fresh ingredients. There is no need to ‘load’ on any one thing, simply balance what you eat. Closer to race day try and avoid the heavier foods like red meat and foods that are high in fats as this can impact on gastric emptying in the stomach. Keep hydrated, in the weeks building up to a race you should always have water to hand to sip on. If you’re travelling, particularly flying you will naturally dehydrate so being hydrated in advance and having good drinking habits will help you be fully prepared for race day.

Supplementing in the days before your race

In the days prior to an Ultra Marathon it’s essential to ensure your system is as prepared as it can be, so our users often drink a Night Fuel in the evenings prior to an event as this helps to feed and nourish your muscles while you’re asleep and in your most restorative state. They will also ensure they are drinking plenty of water during the day for at least a week before their race to ensure they are hydrated. Sipping an energy fuel the day before can also help with this process and if you have travelled, especially abroad then the vitamins and minerals in the energy fuel help to replenish your fatigued state. If you fly, drink plenty of water while you’re in the air to avoid dehydration.

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