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I'm a northerner so please forgive me if I am too direct but I do believe in telling it as it is. We are the best of British, bear with me but ultimately I'm going to suggest you stop buying products shipped in from over seas, for example like Tailwind, Maurten and GU and support what's been tested, developed and manufactured on these shores. Let's put aside the huge carbon footprint, helping Trump build his wall and not supporting British local business, well actually no, they're pretty big reasons but the main one is if used correctly the Mountain Fuel system and in particular the new innovative products we've launched (Raw Energy, Sports Jelly and FeelGoodBarswhich coincidently are all vegan and gluten free) will help you get round and you'll feel a whole load better in the days after too.

Our Energy Fuel has a balanced carbohydrate mix to ensure you rapidly replenish glycogen while delivering a sustained energy release. Added minerals (electrolytes), vitamins and amino acid ensures that your muscles are replenished and fuelled for all types of effort and distance.

"I race with the Raw Energy Fuel as it's so refreshing, even on the hottest days. The taste is great as very light and I find it's very easy on the stomach, even when I'm pushing hard." Rob SinclairSalomon Running

The FeelGoodBars are delicious and nutritious. Energy dense yet very light on the stomach (used by Chrohns and IBS users) and incredibly easy to eat as they literally melt in your mouth without the need to excessively chew or leaving a stodgy paste that’s impossible to swallow. Unlike other bars /tray bake you can eat this during strenuous activity. The fact that they are gluten free also helps reduce stress on the stomach.

“I had the Turmeric bar on my run today, really nice, I like that it’s different to every other bar I’ve had.” Ricky LightfootSalomon Running

The Sports Jelliesare unique, a drinkable jelly that melts in your mouth. You look forward to a Sports Jelly as they are refreshing, easy on the stomach (again used by Chrohns and IBS users) and contain electrolytes and unlike other gels you can rely on these to deliver your fast acting energy without worry of stomach issues or the need to drink lots of fluid with them, even on a hot day. You can also exclusively fuel on these if you find it hard on take on solids.

“They really are the best bars I have ever eaten – and I’ve tried a lot!!” Katie Kaars SijpesteijnSalomon Running

Let's look at some basics over the past few months from our paying customers. From FKT's to podiums in the Cape Wrath FKT (Damian Hall & Beth Pascal), Hardmoors 50 (Jacob Snochowski), British 100K Championships (Charlie Harpur), Fellsman (Sabrina Verjee), Dragons Back (Lisa Watson & Sabrina Verjee), Hardmoors 200 (Christopher Cowley), Hardmoors 110 (Ross Cooling & Heather Ford), World Elevation Record (Kilian Jornet) and Zegama (Kilian Jornet).

These are just our Ultra Marathon distance results so just think what we can do for any activities that are shorter. And by the way, despite the name we're not exclusive to getting up Mountains, our users are pretty handy on the tarmac too!

In addition amongst these races are a plethora of folk who have achieved fantastic personal results too. Listen, we're not saying what you are using at the moment is not working for you, what we're saying is the MF system or selected products from the range if used correctly, (read the guides) as we can't account for other 'stuff' you shove down your neck in a race) can work a whole load better. We have sports nutrition guides for all types of activities and are also happy to respond to questions so give us a shout if you want any further information.

Get yourself a taster pack of powders, jelly and bars (15% discount code: BestOfBritish ) and not only will you be helping to save the environment but you'll also be helping to support British business (come on surely we've twanged your conscious and heart strings with those two) enabling us to keep producing innovative nutrition products that keep Britain moving... Now that's far too long spent at the keyboard, time for a run.

Rupert Bonington
Mountain Fuel

PS/ Border Controls will be in place and all imported contraband will be impounded.

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