OCR Nuclear Oblivion

Gemma Bloomfield - Nuclear Oblivion

Thanks to mountain fuel yet again for helping me through a tough challenge!

This weekend I was nervous going in to Nuclear Oblivion because it was an epic challenge – 26.2 miles amd over 300 obstacles. It was going to be tough by its self, let alone the fact I did Rat Race Dirty Weekend Double Ultra the weekend before, which I loved!

I used Mountain Fuel the same way this weekend, as I have been previously. On Friday the day before the race, I sipped an energy drink slowly throughout the day, a few hours before bed had I had a Night Fuel which makes me feel prepared and ready to go in the mornings. On Saturday I woke up and had porridge, then traveled to the race. I always start sipping an Tropical Xtreme energy drink at least 2-3 hours before the race, this is really important to take your time and then I know my body has had the chance to fully absorb everything I need to have a good race.

I got to the race early as I like to chill & soak in the atmosphere and this helps me prepare and I can look forward to and enjoy the obstacles ahead. it was about an hour and a half before the race I had a Morning Fuel with cold water as this was convenient, but I think it’s nicer with hot water.The Morning Fuel is fantastic, light on your stomach so easily absorbed but has enough substance to help power me through the obstacles.

I pre-mixed two energy drinks so I could put them in the transition zone to drink in between laps. I didn’t need to stop for long, just enough time to get some food in & sip some energy drink to keep my energy levels topped up. I’m glad I had the energy drinks in between laps because I felt strong and I like I could keep pushing.

Afterwards however elated or tired I am I make an effort to start sipping my Strawberry Ultimate Recovery Fuel straight away to ensure I start replenishing my muscles, getting them ready for my next OCR challenge or Ultra.