Donnie Campbell – Mountain & Ultra Runner

Donnie Campbell is an Adventurer and Mountain and Ultra Runner. He is an ex Royal Marine Commando with a background in a wide range of sports from Mountaineering and Kayaking to Football and Shinty. However, his greatest passion is running which he has gone onto excel in and represented the UK at the World trail Championship in 2016.

Donnie in 2011 ran 184 miles in 44 hours from Glasgow to the Isle of Skye which included running along the West Highland Way which has over 4500m ascent. He raised over £25,000 for a local cancer charity on Skye. He has since completed speed ascent’s of the two highest mountains in Africa, Kilimanjaro and MT Kenya while running 18 consecutive ultra marathons through East Africa at altitude and became the first person to run across the Namib desert. Some other career highlights have been winning the British Trail Championship the Highland Fling 2016 and the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra 2017.