Llewellyn Holmes – Elite Xterra & X Country Mountain Bike

Llellwyn Holmes Snowman TriathlonI started racing cross country mountain biking aged 13. This started my life adventures mixing up road cycling, mountain biking, surfing, mountain running and open water swimming. 


Xterra triathlon became my perfect event combining my experience and strengths into a single race. These races have taken me from competing as an amateur in small uk competitons to racing Pro Elite in the World championships. Recently I have been mixing Xterra with adventure/mountain triathlon. The mix of fast road cycling into off road/mountain running is tough but rewarding combination. 


What I’ve learnt – 

Take time to learn what your body needs and thrives from, be confident in your discoveries and dont be tempted to copy others. Nutrition is all very well writen on paper but everybody is different and all races are different. Have a nutrition brand you can trust, use in training and know effects of environment change e.g. hot conditions, rainy wet races, early starts etc. 


Why I use Mountain Fuel – 

I like to race hard at a very high intensity. This puts a lot of pressure on digestive system as well as high calorie consumption. I need a fuel that wont upset stomach, wont repeat on me and wont send my sugars into a high/low crash. 


I also juggle my training with a full time job. Mountainfuel Morning Fuel and Night Fuel allows me to train hard early in the morning and recovery/sleep after training late in the evening. 


I am very socialable and enjoy meeting new people at races, sharing knowledge and my experience, please feel free to approach me. 

Llellwyn Holmes Mountain Fuel Xterra
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