Matthew Atkinson – Cyclist

Matthew1I’m 21 and student studying towards a Mathematics degree at Durham University. I am also an avid cyclist, competing predominantly in road events at home in the Lakes and for the University. Whilst at Uni I’ve also been President of the University Cycling Club.

Currently my main area of competition is in Road Races and Criteriums (closed track circuit races) but in addition I compete in time trials and particularly specialise in Hill Climbs (short uphill TT’s). In addition I also enjoy going on cycling trip abroad in search of the most famous and hardest passes, having spent time in the Alps and the Dolomites in the last two summers.

Matthew Atkinson Fred Whitton CyclistI grew up the Lakes, having always lived near Keswick, and as such, have always been making the most of the surrounding to get involved in plenty of outdoor sports. As a youngster I was into cross country and fell running doing pretty well in junior events. Also involved with scouts meaning I did plenty of outdoor activities including a lot of Kayaking, and Orienteering at which I was Cumbria schools champion. During secondary school I played a lot of rugby, and continued the running, but also started to get much more into cycling, initially mountain biking. After doing the C2C a couple of times with my Dad we both got road bikes and I’ve been hooked ever since. Road cycling is now my passion, I don’t talk about anything else!

Matthew AtkinsonInitially my focus was on Sportives such as the Fred Whitton, Lakeland Loop and Keswick 6 passes all of which I done well in or in fact ‘won’. But inevitably these ‘non-competitive’ events weren’t enough and I started to get into proper racing. After a couple of seasons I’d gained enough points to work my way upto second cat (racing licence level) which is where I’m at today. Recently I’ve developed a keenness for hill climb events, possibly stemming from chasing Strava KOM’s. These are time trials straight up hills, generally short efforts of under 10 minutes.

This summer I started using Mountain Fuel for my cycling. It certainly has been of great benefit, most notably on my trip to Italy where I was riding solidly for two weeks and was essential to get nutrition right. It’s a valuable aid in training also, allowing me to recover more effectively and get more from it. I hope to carry on using it to good effect to improve my performances and become a better cyclist!

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